Restaurants / Western Australia

C15 Espresso, Applecross

Anytime you go past C15 in Applecross, its busy. Breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, the place is packed, and rightly so. We used to live round the corner and stop in most mornings for breakfast. The same faces everyday, as they too had cottoned on to a good thing.
The C15 breakfast menu served consistently hot and freshly cooked meals. Eggs Benedict with real homemade hollandaise sauce, not cold bottled junk like everywhere else. Perfectly cooked eggs, a side of gourmet sausages and fresh garnish to finish the plate. Amazing isn’t it, how many other places around just cant seem to cook an egg !

I miss C15.

Interesting reading the very negative Urbanspoon reviews. Surprising how they pop up in waves, and in contradiction, just how packed the restaurant continues to stay.

Not cheap, but consistently good, 3.5/5, thumbs up !
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C15 Espresso on Urbanspoon

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