Restaurants / Western Australia

V Burger Bar, Victoria Park

Burgers ain’t burgers. These days they are a work of art, a creation, some say even a culture! Well V Burger in Vic Park has certainly embraced that culture. Their menu is simple, but their creations are tasty and priced right.

Stopping in for a quick bite, I ordered a Classic burger with a side on onion rings.

Holy-dooly, this thing was almost as big as my head ! Served straight off the griller, the burger arrives at your table piping hot, oozing with juice out of the meat patty and dripping in smokey tomato relish. One bite and you’re hooked as you dive in for the next and the next mouthful. In all the burger was excellent, the bun however was a bit doughy and needed a good grilling. The tower of onion rings were hot crispy and utterly delicious.

Keep up the good work lads.

Burger, onion rings and coke – $19 for a whopping big lunch and a thumbs up from me !

V Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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