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Mushroom Kingdom Shop and Restaurant, Niseko, Japan

On the bus journey between Chitose and Niseko Ski resort, the journey breaks for about 20 minutes at the Mushroom Kingdom in Hokkaido. A lot of buses stop at Mushroom Kingdom so if you happen to arrive at the same time as other buses, it can be quite busy. As you are nearing the mountains, it is also quite cold!

The Mushroom Kingdom is a large hall, with two sections inside. The first and closest to the entry is where you order and pick up ready-to-eat food and a small seated eating area. The other area is like a specialty grocery store, with different kinds of fresh and dried mushrooms, jars of sauces, jams and pickled vegetables (all made from local Hokkaido produce), sweets and lots of other wonderful goodies.

Its all too hard to wander around saying yummm without ordering mushrooms, sausages or pork skewers…..even at 9.30 in the morning !

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