Dinner / pork


How many recipes have you researched  to the perfect crispy pork belly ??

Pour boiling water to open the pores, dry in the fridge, oil, salt, score etc etc.  The list goes on.   If you let the butcher massacre your prized piece of meat by scoring the rind, you’ll be sorry.  If you try and score the rind yourself, make sure the band-aids are close at hand.

The simplest and way and trust me it works every time……

Do nothing.

Simply apply a light film of  oil to coat the rind so that a good amount of salt can stick to it.  That is all that is required.

Place pork belly, rind side up on a roasting rack and place in your roasting pan.  I fill the roasting pan half full of water to catch all the drippings drop burning.  Into a hot oven (the hotter the better) and that is all that is required.

After 20mins check your meat.  The rind should already be pock-marked with bubbles.  Maybe turn the meat around in the ocven to ensure an even cooking all round.

After another 20mins, I turn the oven down to 180degC and roast for another 40mins.

Rest – always rest and let the craclkling cool down and develop that shatterring crunchy texture.  Never cover with foil or your crispy skin will turn leathery.


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