Asian / Beef / Dinner


Gotta love everything the Japanese do with their food.  Mum and Dad used to take us for Teppanyaki for special treats.  It started at Yamato and then moved to various restaurants around Hong Kong, until one day we were introduced to beef rolls.  Extremely thin beef slices stuffed with garlic and spring onion, rolled and quick seared on a hot plate.  Ab fab, and so here’s my twist.

Went to our favourite butcher in Mandurah, Rumps and got the boys to slice some scotch fillet at about 2mm.  Make sure they lay it out neatly on waxy paper or its a real mess to untangle.

Thinly slice garlic and spring onion, fry until just starting to brown.  Cool and set aside.

Blanch asparagus and enoki mushrooms or anything you fancy but try and maintain some asian theme along the way.

One by one place a spoonful of the garlic onion mix, enoki and/or asparagus onto e slice of beef.  Season and roll.  In fact make a variety of rolls to suit your liking but make sure you make enough.

In a hot fry pan and I mean real hot pan, place rolls in one at a time and after 10 secs flip over.  At this stage I drizzle a little teriyaki sauce over and let it bubble and coat the rolls.

Remove from the pan after another 10secs, and the meat should be just medium rare.  Slice and serve.

Guarantee to have you begging for more !

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