Dinner / pork


Saw a variation of this on telly the other day, mine is better.

Start with skin on chicken breast and dust with curry powder and seasoning.

On a medium-heat pan, fry the breasts with minimal oil for say 8 mins until the skin is golden and crispy.  Drain the excess fat, there will be enough fat in the sauce !  Flip the breasts, add some chopped leeks and garlic – as much as you want.  Add stock, seeded mustard and simmer for 4 mins covered.

When the breasts are just about done, take them out and wrap in foil, this will finish the cooking process.

Add pouring cream, dash of brandy and Dijon mustard to the sauce and reduce on high heat until it gets to the consistency you like.

Slice the chicken breast, place over mash and cover in sauce and enjoy.


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