Indonesian inspired pork ribs

So after a trip to Bali, I thought we need to get some spices into the mix.

For this dish I used pork belly on the bone and separated the ribs from the rest of the belly.  Instead of a thick piece of meat and a rack of ribs, I split it 50/50 so the ribs were really meaty.  It’s simple, just find a layer of fat in the meat and slide your knife down and separate the two.

Starting with a rendang mixture, I added lots of freshly chopped coriander, lemongrass and chillies.  Grated garlic, ginger and plenty of lime juice goes into the mix.  Lastly some fish sauce and palm sugar to balance up the flavours.

Combining all the ingredients into a paste and smear it across the ribs and let marindae for 24 hours.

To cook, I first scrape the marinade off the meat and then place the ribs on a bed of veggies and add a little chicken stock.  Bake in a covered roasting pan in a medium oven for 2 hours.  Uncover and return to the oven to let the juices evaproate and thicken.  Continue to baste with pan juices.

LastlyI smear the reserved marinade over the meat and then grill until the marindae is cooked out and its develops colour.

Definitely a keeper, and will have to do this again real soon 🙂

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