Home-made crispy potato fries

Nothing worse than semi-crispy cold floury fries.  Alternatively, head to Maccas for some good fries, or try this at home yourself.

Potoes skinned and chopped into suitable fries.  Rinse the starch off and place into a simmering pan of salted water.  I simmered mine for 15 mins until they were just starting to lose their sharp cut edges.  Drain onto a baking rack and refrigerate for 30mins.

Refrigerating the fries has a dehydrating efftect.

In a deep-fat fryer set at 130deg C, plunge the fries in for 5-8 mins until they have formed a firm casing and just starting to colour.

Remove from the fryer, drain and place on a baking rack again.

Back into the fridge until they are icy cold or you are ready to eat.

When ready to eat, heat your deep fat fryer to 170deg C and plunge the fries into the hot oil.  Cook until they are golden brown and deliciously crispy.  When done remove, drain well on paper towel and add a sprinkling of sea salt.

Its a bit of an effort for fries, but trust me its well worth it.

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