Chicken skin is one of the best parts of the chicken I reckon, either barbequed or crisped up Asian style.  We started with a couple of chicken marylands from Graemes shop, “Rumps”.  Good looking chicken it was too.  I poached them in an Asian Broth for about 20mins on simmer and then let them cool down in the broth.  Check out the pictures and see just how plump they came out.

To make the Asian broth, start with a couple of litres of  water with sweet dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, Chinese Shao Shing wine, coriander roots, crushed garlic, knob of ginger and a couple of dried shitake mushrooms.  Adjust and add to suit your palette.

Once the chicken is cooled remove from the stock and pat dry with a paper towel.

Keep the stock, it is absolutely delicious.  I freeze mine and reuse it a couple of times.  Just make sure you strain it before you freeze the liquid and boil it before you use it next.

When you’re ready for the chicken, heat a wok/pot with a light oil.  [Don’t use olive oil as it smokes at too low a temperature.]

Place the chicken in ‘something” that will hold it and let the oil drain out.  Place the chicken over the oil and gently spoon the hot oil over the skin a couple of times.  Before long, the skin will start to brown and blister.  Keep spooning the hot oil over the skin until it browns and starts to crisp up.

When down, place on a piece of absorbent paper and sprinkle with sea salt.



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