Dinner / pork

Rib time again !!!

Yup its Sunday again and I’ve been back to Rumps gourmet butchers in Meadow Springs.  Graeme’s pork ribs have been marinating for 24 hours but this time with lots of chilli, lemongrass and ginger and finished off with sesame oil and Char Sui Sauce.

I made a chicken stock earlier and cooked the ribs in a chicken stock bath.   More on the chicken stock later.

Delish and no real recipe here.  Give it a try, chuck in whatever flavour combinations you like, but cook it well.  As you can see I finished it off on the BBQ.  Two reasons, firstly for some colour and that typical charring flavour and secondly coz while on the barbie, I drown it in the reduced cooking liquor and smoke the ribs (and the neighbourhood) out.

Guaranteed – no left overs :))

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