Another new item on the Rumps Christmas menu for 2011 is a Ducken.  Typically a bonless chicken inside a boneless duck, all stuffed with a fruity stuffing of mango, pineapple and coconut.  The roast is wraped in a net so you can handle and cook the roast and it maintains it shape.  The ducken weighed in over 2.5kg and so took a good 2 hours in a moderate oven.  To finish, we cranked the oven up to bout 220 deg C and allowed the skin to brown up nicely.

Amazing just how much duck fat oozes out into the roasting pan.  Make sure this is cooled, strained and stored in the fridge for next time you’re roasting potatoes 🙂

The Ducken was absolutley fantastic.  Juicy and moist, the flavours of the duck and chicken will leave you coming back for more.


So if you’re in the vicinity of Meadow springs, go visit Rumps and try one for yourself.

Food courtesy of Rumps Gourmet Butchery, Shop 2 Meadow Springs Shopping Centre

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