There we were at the restaurant, Rob and Jeff ordered the Roast Mushrooms and WOW, you should have seen what came out.  The boys never came up for air until their starter was gone, and the rest of us didn’t even get a look in.  Those mushies were so good, Jeff even reminded me the next day  just how good they were !

Hmmmm, I can do that, and better I reckon.

So armed with a punnet of Portobello mushrooms, we set off for a mushroom feast.

Using lite olive oil, in a roasting dish, we steeped some garlic and chilli flakes to infuse some flavour into the oil.  Once hot I rolled the mushrooms in the oil and then placed stem side down onto a separate  roasting pan with all the garlic slivers as well.

Roasted for 15 mins at about 200deg C and then returned them into the original oily roasting dish for the remianing 10 mins or until they are soft for your liking.  In the last 2 minutes, season with salt and pepper and chopped parsley.

Serve with garlic bread and devour 🙂


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