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BBQ Scallops with Asian Dressing

Well my wife won a gift voucher at golf from the local seafood shop.  Not bad at all I’m thinking, certainly beats some of the other ploppy prizes.  So…….what to get ???

Sitting in the fridge is a tray of shell-on-scallops.  Sign me up – I’ll take the lot !

So, BBQ scallops a la teppanyaki with an Asian inspired dressing.


  • Grated garlic and ginger
  • finelychopped chilli and spring onions
  • Splash of light soy sauce, mirin, sake and
  • A splash of Japanese Ikari Yasi salad dressing and a pinch of sugar.

We removed the scallops from the shell, and cleaned any grit off them.

A small dollop of butter in each shell and a drizzle of soy.

The shells were placed on the HOT BBQ and immediately the butter melted and tlarted to bubble.

The scallops followed on the hot plate for about 20secs each side, just allowing them to colour but not cook through.  Transferred the scallops to the sizzling shells and drizzled the dressing over.

Close the lid on the BBQ and let the scallops cook for a minute or two, depending on how you like them cooked.  They will cook quite gently in the shells so don’t worry too much about overcooking them.


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