Puffilicous Puff Pastry

There are a million things to make with puff pastry and they’re all delectably light, tasty and always a treat.  Suzy made some curried chilli sausage rolls and some wonderful mushroom ragout pies.  Simple, devine and incredibly moorish.

Sausage Rolls

  • Using good tasty pork mince, Suzy added some cooked onions, Chilli flakes and curry paste.  Mix well and the stuffing is done.
  • Using store bought puff pastry, cut into half and lay out a sausage of sausage mix !  Rolls the pastry and place back into the freezer to firm up a little.
  • After 10 minutes, the raw rolls will have fired so you can cut them without squashing them into ovals.
  • Baste each with some egg wash and bake till golden and crispy.

Mushroom Ragout Pies

  • Chopped mushrooms were fried with onions, garlic and some chilli flakes.
  • Once all the mushroom were thoroughly cooked and dehydrated, add some flour and cook out the rawness of the flour.
  • Add stock and heat until the mixture takes on a thick gravy consistency.
  • If you want it really mushroomy, add some porcini powder to the mix.
  • I added a splash of cream to give it that velvetty feel.
  • With a muffin tin already lined with puff pastry, fill with the ragout and cover with a pastry cap.
  • Glaze, bake and eat !

4 thoughts on “Puffilicous Puff Pastry

  1. those pastries look devine…wish i had smell a vision! I just want to say your blog has taught me allot. I try to visit every week to see new updates you might have. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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