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The Perfect Roast Beef

There’s nothing better than roast beef on a wet winters evening, and that’s exactly what we got here.  A marvellous standing rib roast from Rumps and we’re set.  Now there’s only one way to have beef, and that’s medium rare.  So how to get this hunk of meat cooked so its medium rare inside and not like an old boot on the outside.  Slowwwwwwwww and lowwwwwww is the key.

A beaut piece of beef, don’t trim up to much fat, it helps with the cooking process.

So, 4 hours at 70deg C should see us about right I reckon.  Only thing is looks kinda yucky whenit comes of the oven and so when we are ready, I slice the meat off the bone, brown the surface in a really hot pan and then let it rest back in the 70deg oven.Perfection, the inside is soft, juicy, pink and melt in your mouth delish.  The layer of fat has insulated the meat to ensure it cooks slow and evenly, but make sure you discard that before serving.

Horseradish mash potatoes, steamed veggies and some sautéed brussel sprouts finishes the picture.

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