Korean Noodle Salad

A lovely accompaniment to any Asian meal is Korean noodle salad.  Either together or on its own, the noodle salad is loaded with flavour and textures.

The noodles are a special Korean noodle not the normal rice vermicelli you buy.  The chinese rice vermicelli is soft and mushy and breaks easily whereas the Korean noodles are springy and a little rubbery.

So the ingredients are a combination of onions, spring onions, red peppers, Chinese mushrooms and some wilted spinach.  The dressing includes garlic, chilli, soy, sugar, sesame oil, and sesame seeds.  Mix as you like, season and toss it all together.

Pictured here is salad with Korean marinated BBQ beef ribs.  Click here for the ribs recipe – its yummy too.


2 thoughts on “Korean Noodle Salad

    • Hi and thanks for visiting my Blog. Typically when i create some dishes there is no “exact” recipe. most often I tailor the dish to my mood, sweet or salty. Sometimes I am heavy on sesame, other times chilli.

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