Japan / Restaurants

A-Bu-Cha 2, Niseko, Japan


Holy crap what an experience. As you walk in through the door, every single waiter and waitress yells a greeting that echos through the restaurant. I’ve been sprung…..they think I’m a celeb or worse, they think I’m famous :). Not so, everyone is greeted by the same gusto that booms across the tables.

The menu at A-Bu-Cha2 is typically from Hokkaido. Lots of fresh sashimi, seafood, fish and other delicacies from the sea. Not forgetting much of the produce that is grown and reared, corn, potatoes, beef and lamb.

When the chef makes a recommendation, in Japan, you listen to him coz he’s got a bloody big knife…..and lots of them. So…. a mouth watering plate of sashimi consisting of locally caught salmon, tuna and yellowtail, some buttered sweetcorn and a huge barbecued scallop made its way to our table.




For our main course, who could resist a typical Japanese hot pot – Sukiyaki hot pot with Superior Hokkaido beef and an assortment of local vegetables. Don’t be shy about dipping your food into the beaten raw egg, it adds an exquisite velvety finish to the cooked food.


Say no more, just lick the screen, it was FANTASTIC !



Don’t forget to wash it down with plenty of Sake 🙂


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