Asian / Fish & Seafood

Miso Poached Salmon


So Gordy Ramsey had a go at some Asian influences for his normally toffee-posh food on his new TV show. Not a bad effort, but I made it a little more authentic, a little more realistic and a whole lot better !

A good dollop of white miso paste dissolved in homemade chicken stock. Add ginger, garlic and some large tasty but not hot chillies, all suitably chopped and sliced and bring it all to the boil. Add a spring onion stalk and a little sugar to take the saltiness out of the stock as it reduces.

As the stock boils, gently slide the salmon fillets in, skin side down. Gently bathe the top of the salmon with the simmering stock. Touch the flesh with your finger, a little pressure means it is done medium rare – as you want it.

Remove the salmon onto a plate, skin side up and add a little stock to keep the fish warm and juicy.

Heat on high, add whatever veggies you want and reduce the stock by half without overlooking the salmon. Lastly……..hint for you here Gordo….a dash of Sake into the broth. A minute later the alcohol has burnt off, but the distinctive Sake flavour and miso meld into a velvety sauce for the salmon.

Dish up the veggies, remove the skin, scrape of the blood layer and generously flake the fish over the veggies. Bathe your fish generously in the sauce.

Deep fried shallots and a coriander to garnish, but please, not a drop of olive oil !!!!


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