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Red Pepper Restaurant, Hong Kong

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a trip to one of HK’s iconic restaurants – The Red Pepper. Open since 1970, the Red Pepper has a large following among the city’s expatriates, many of whom seem to come so often that they know everyone in the place. It’s a very relaxing, small restaurant, with a rather quaint décor. The styling is traditional Chinese with Jade-tasseled lanterns hang from a dragon-carved ceiling and bright orange tablecloths that host red pepper-shaped chopstick rests.

Red Pepper 1

Bruce Lee fans might want to pop upstairs and see if they can make out what was the set of Dr. Land’s headquarters in “Game of Death.”

The menu is Sichuan-inspired, with specialties ranging from Sizzling Chili Prawns, Diced chicken with Hot Sauce, and Braised Bean Curd and Minced Pork with Chili sauce. Other spicy delights to try are dry-fried string beans garnished with spicy minced pork and garlic. Just remember, everything is spicy here and hold up your napkin when the sizzling dishes come out, or you’ll go home splattered in spicy garlic sauce. Most dishes are available in two sizes, with the small dishes suitable for two people, though when you go with my family, we manage to fill up the table.
Red Pepper 5

Signature dish, sizzling chilli prawns
Red Pepper 10

Dry-fried chilli beef
Red Pepper 4

Tofu with minced beef, chilli and garlic
Red Pepper 3

Spicy eggplant with minced pork and steamed bread rolls
Red Pepper 7

Deep fried fluffy onion cakes to sop up all that lovely sauce
Red Pepper 2

….and plenty of cold San Miguel to wash it down with !
Red Pepper9Red Pepper 11

And lastly, if you still got space, red hot toffee apple plunged into icey-water making the outer coating rock hard and crispy. A real treat to finish of the meal.
Red Pepper 12

Another good night out with my brother and his girls.
Red Pepper 14
Total bill for four people, excluding drinks – $115.

Our combined rating: 4.5 / 5, a double thumbs up 🙂
Thumbs Up - Double

The Red Pepper

Located about 5 minutes walking distance from the Causeway Bay MTR station, the Red Pepper restaurant can be found at 7 Lan Fong Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China.

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