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Imperial Court Restaurant, Como

Looking for a fantastic dim sum experience, well look no further. Imperial Court in Melville Parade, Como serves up some of the best dim sum in town. Beit a leisurely yum cha session, or a quick bite, Phyllis and her team at the Imperial Court will enthrall you with their home made dim sum delights. I say home made, because many other restaurants import their dumplings due to the lack of skilled dim sum chefs around.

This is probably the tenth time we’ve been here here for yum cha, and the restaurant never fails to deliver. Unlike the traditional decor found in most Chinese restaurants, the Imperial Court is bright and modern in look and setup. The menu is comprehensive and Phyllis has stamped her own twist on conventional dim sum, to bring you a unique blend of flavours, textures and tastes.
Imperial Court 4
If you want something a bit more substantial, the menu will provide to even the most discerning of tastes, and if you’re not sure, leave it to Phyllis to order for you.
Imperial Court 7
Not to be missed is the Imperial Court roast duck. This is an absolute must, and I struggle not to order it anytime I’m there. Delicatley thin and crispy skin on the outside, surrounding succulent and tender duck meat. Words cannot describe it – just go and try it !
Imperial Court 8



No meal at a Chinese restaurant is complete without veggies. How is it boring veggies can be so delicous !

Total bill for Dim Sum lunch for two, excluding drinks – $50 (but then i do eat a lot!)

Our combined rating: 4.5 / 5, a double thumbs up 🙂
Thumbs Up - Double

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