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Ye Shanghai, Hong Kong

WOW what a meal! After many years, another visit to Ye Shanghai, Pacific Place on Hong Kong Island and another memorable meal. Tina took charge and ordered, always a good thing as she’s not one to scrimp on food 🙂

Contemporary decor recalls 1930s Shanghai in its use of dark woods, subdued lighting and semi private alcoves. Accompany the trendy surrounds, spectacular views of the harbour make this an ideal place for visitors with smartly dressed waiters tend to your every wish and never more than a few steps away.
We started with shredded chicken with rice flour noodles and sesame sauce. Complimentary XO sauce on the table and OMG what a great cold starter. Wuxi deep fried crispy eels coated in a sweetish sauce arrived next followed by Xiao Long Bao, a traditional Shanghainese soup-filled steamed dumpling. May sound different, but try them and you’ll absolutely adore them.

Chilli garlic prawns, an absolute was next on the list. The smell of sticky tomatoey garlic sauce filled the table as we all launched into the deliciously crispy prawns accompanied with steamed bread rolls.
Ma Po Tau Foo (beef and bean curd) and sesame pouches with shredded pork arrived. Delicately puffed hollow bread stuffed with sauteed minced pork and preserved vegetables next, and finally Tian Jian cabbage with Yunnan ham.
Take note, while the dishes are small, it does allow you to explore the menu a little more extensively. Reasonably priced, fast and efficient. Ye Shanghai once again lives up to its reputation as a great restaurant that’s not to be missed.

My overall rating – 4/5, a double thumbs up !Thumbs Up - Double

Ye Shnghai Hong Kong

Ye Shanghai Restaurant
Pacific Place,
Level 3, Shop 332,
88 Queensway
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-29189833 and make sure you book.

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