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Mayta, Hong Kong

Peruvian food has been rumoured for quite some time now to be the hot cuisine going global; and with the arrival of this sizzling new restaurant and its intricate menu, Hong Kong boats a new restaurant and doing well by all accounts.

So with most of the family we headed to Mayta, a new dining experience located in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong island serving colorful and tasty Peruvian fare with wicked cocktails. Mayta is large (including a separate bar area) with a mysterious yet laidback décor; with funky music playing in the background and splashes of colour on the walls here and there, this is a great place to kick-start a fun night out in HK.

Stepping into the establishment, the restaurant is off to a good start. The entire dining room is decked out in a brown and velvet-hued Aztec theme with relics that look like they have come off the set of The Indian in the Cupboard; bold patterned vases and jugs are immaculately placed on the shelves, rustic wooden beams separate spaces and dim lighting plays off the lively mood of the restaurant.

If you’re in for a drink, the Pisco Bar offers you a selection of labels, house specials and cocktails including the National drink of Peru, Pisco Sours. Their housemade Pisco Infusions come in with a range of flavors from Mango, Blueberry, Pineapple to Coffee, Coconut, Green Tea and many more. A definite must try aperitif.

Mayta offers an array of share dishes. Start with small shares, in the form of salads, empanadas, corn cakes and scallops and choose the main from the big shares, in an array of rice dishes, stews and stir fries. Those who are in the mood for ceviche, the citric Peruvian specialty, can have their fill from the selection at the ceviche station serving scrumptious slices of fish, like salmon and sea bass, marinating in red onions, candied ginger, leche de tigre and more.

One of the featured dishes, Causas, consists of a trio of mash potatoes, salmon ceviche tartare, octopus and rocoto chili aioli, and shrimp escabeche. We tried a spoonful of purple mashed potato topped with the salmon tartare in an exclusive opening event and found it delicious.

We also enjoyed the pan con chicharron, crispy pork belly in a steamed that stands out with the pickled shredded vegetables as the sourness of the veggies cuts into the fat of the meat and balances the flavour out. The fried sweet potato wedges also add a nice crunch to the whole thing.
Succulently soft roasted octopus, crispy red onion and spicy chimichurri followed on a slate platter, with a tangy black olive emulsion.

For mains, again we opted to share a number of dishes starting with the Arroz con Pato, duck confit leg and sitting on beer cilantro rice, picillo peppers and baby carrots. Followed closely behind was the Arroz con Mariscos, rice flavoured from the slightly spicy yellow chilli curry and loaded with generous portions of shrimp, scallops and fried squid. Lastly the oddly looking Lomo Saltado Completo, wagyu beef stir fry with red onions, tomotoes, tacu tacu, fires and a fried egg – interesting, different, but tasting a little like the previous dishes.

Last but by no means least is dessert. Sticky sweet fried doughnut balls topped with chocolate sauce, honey and pickled berry compote accompanied by Amazonas, roasted bananas, chocolate candy, banana ice-cream and Amazonas nut cream to perfectly finish off the evening.
Mayta 15

My rating for a fab night – 4/5 Thumbs Up - Double

3rd Floor,
Grand Progress Building,
15-16 Lan Kwai Fong,
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2790 0928

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