24-hour Slow Cooked Roast Beef

Wintery Sundays are for hot roast dinners. Its hard to beat the tenderness and taste of a beef rib roast, roasted veggies and a thick rich gravy. This time though, we cooked the roast for 24-hours and still managed to keep the meat medium rare. Yep thats right, 24-hours at 68deg C.

We selected a cut of meat from Rumps and Jack vacuum packed it for us. Take care to cover the bones with an additional piece of plastic so the sharp edges of the bones don’t puncture the vacuum bag.
Beef Rib1
We recently purchased a slow-cooker / Sous-vide machine. Basically, this gadget will keep a water bath at a consistent water temperature for a pre-determined time. In our case 24-hours at 68deg C.

Placing the meat into the water bath, ensuring the meat is submerged in the water, and the vacuum bag remains intact. Press start and come back in 24 hours !
Beef Rib 2
24 hours later, remove the vacuum bag from the water bath and open carefully. Any juices that have been caught in the vaccum bag then go straight into the gravy. Slice the meat off the bone and place in a red hot frying pan to seal the edges for about 10secs each side and colour up.
Beef Rib4
Gently and I mean gently, slice the meat, and serve with roast veggies. I say carefully, because the meat becomes so tender, it literally tears apart if not careful, despite still being pink and medium rare.
Beef Rib3
Enjoy !



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