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Yosaku Yakitori Restaurant, Japan

After a long day skiing, its always good to soak away the aches and pains, shower, and hit the bar. Open till late we found this little Izakaya restaurant hidden in the side streets. The smell of grilled delights on the burning charcoal lured us in through the clearing in the snow to the front door.
Yosaku 7
As you open the door, you are hit with the smell of barbecued chicken and smoke from the BBQ. Ventilation is not great in the restaurant, but it sought of adds to the atmosphere. Frequented mainly by Japanese, this hidden treasure serves nothing but grilled skewers smothered in either a sweet yakitori sauce or salt washed down with a selectin of beer and saké.

The menu is simple and in English with pictures. The waitresses are friendly and the locals are boisterous after many sakes. All up its a really fun place to eat, drink and eat some more. No rush, no fuss, make all the mess you want and the waitresses just keep topping up your beer and saké.

We ate here on two occasions as a relatively cheap but fun and lively place to eat. Oh…and the food was fantastic – without a doubt a double thumbs up from me !

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