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The Gaya Restaurant, Applecross

The Gaya – a newly opened Korean fusion restaurant with a focus on good health and well being says head chef and Proprietor Leo.

Situated in Kearns Crescent, Applecross the newly opened restaurants boasts a minimalist approach to its décor. While distinctly Asian, its modern styling, young energetic staff and vibrantly decorated dishes clearly makes a statement that The Gaya means business.

The menu is extensive with plenty to choose from fresh Korean delights, to Arancini balls with a Korean twist. Tastefully presented on stylish slate platters, the entrees arrived fresh, hot and utterly delicious. For starters, we chose the Gaya chicken, deepfried and smothered gently in their own special spicy sauce and chopped peanuts together with salmon gravlax served with wakame salad and tobiko mayonnaise. Last of the starters was the grilled beef rolls. Thinly sliced beef rolls, grilled and filled with cream cheese, enoki mushrooms, capsicum and cucumber.
Gaya 3
Gaya 4
Gaya 2

Following on from our starters, we were served with a complimentary taster plate of selected vegetables. A white cabbage kimchee, chiiled cooked cherry tomoates and a spicy daikon radish.
Gaya 8

With a suitable break, it was time for the main course. We chose the 36Pork and the grilled beef ribs. The 36Pork is a slow cooked (36 hours) pork belly, that is then sliced and seared in a pan served with sweet potato pureee, glazed appled and a Korean chive salad. Amazingly soft, tender and utterly delicious, the 36Pork wants you coming back for more.
Gaya 10
The second main was the Gaya BBQ Rib Galbi. Thinly sliced beef rib, BBQ’d with a sweet sauce and served on the bone. The beef rib was accompanied with daikon rolls stuffed with cucumber and capsicum and a beetroot rice ball topped with bonito flakes. While it sounds a little confusing with meat and fish flavours, the combination works well, blends in nicely and again leaves the diner wanting more.
Gaya 12

To finish off the meal, my wife chose a curious looking dessert titled Red Misu. Struggling to find the appeal in the title, the dessert then arrived thankfully with two spoons. Dusted in grated chocolate and adorned with chocolate pebbles, the dessert was a thick creamy tiramisu with a hint of red misu at the bottom. Needless to say we fought for the last mouthful.
Gaya 11

In all a new restaurant with some huge potential to be a standout restaurant on the dining scene. You’ll have to search a little for the venue as its a little hidden in the carpark of the Kearns Cresent shopping area. Ultimately The Gaya delivered a tasty and unique dining experience in Perth.

For my wife and I, we give The Gaya a 4.5 / 5, truly a double thumbs up !

The dining experience was courtesy of The Gaya Restaurant.
The Gaya is a BYO restaurant

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