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La Locanda di Sparafucile, Parma, Italy

A recent and fleeting trip to Parma saw us visiting La Locanda di Sparafucile restaurant for lunch. Located only a few minutes drive from Parma town centre, the restaurant/hotel is situated in a restored old country house.

The kitchen offers a varied menu of local specialties including local Parmesan, fresh pasta dishes and selected meat cooked on a charcoal grill and a selection of local fish.

An entree plate of thinly sliced parma ham and deep-fried gnocchi fritto.

Another local speciality followed, a selection of tortelli. Silken pasta pillows filled with a selection of spinach and ricotta, mushrooms, and sweet roasted pumpkin. A smothering of burnt butter and Parmesan and you’re in heaven.

No space for dessert, but a fabulous lunch.
Locanda di Sparafucile


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