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Ristorante La Greppia, Parma, Italy

My last night in Parma and around from the hotel was a highly recommended restaurant, La Greppia. Small quaint and smelling fantastic, my host and I were soon shown to our table.
la greppia2
Immaculately dressed Italian waiters attended to water bread and probably the most comprehensive and extensive wine list I have ever seen. Page after page after page of wines from around the world. Thankfully my host tackled the wine list and with a little persuasion from the waiters and ordered one of the finest wines from the Emilia Romagna region !

We again opted for a selection of cured meats to start. Soft juicy cured parma ham like wedon’t get at home, sliced off the bone at the table by a skilful waiter and neatly presented with accompaniements and bread sticks. Next to follow was a curried capuccino of baccala. Baccala, a salted dried cod fish, gently poached in milk and finished in a curried potato soup. Atop was a sprinkling of cayenne pepper on the frothy foamy top.

Who cant go past lamb for the main course. Simply roasted, succulent lamb cutlets and a selection of local vegetables.


For sweets, the waiter brought round a magnificient cheese and dessert trolley. Baked chocolate something with another chocolate something. Absolutely delicious.

Ristorante La Greppia

3 thoughts on “Ristorante La Greppia, Parma, Italy

  1. We live mostly in Italy and are food lovers. I am sorry to tell you that this restaurant may appear to be “great”, perhaps you chose better than we did, but we found it quite the opposite on Friday 4th April 2014 and another visiting couple at the table across the way, agreed with us. Perhaps you have not eaten outside of Parma at Ai Due Platani at Coloreto (that is a truly top restaurant). Having eaten there the day before we knew what could be served to show off the delights of Parma and at less cost. We would caution those choosing to eat at La Greppia.

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