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The Beer and Burger Bar, Melbourne

Another business trip and I’m back in sunny Melbourne. So whats the burger scene like in Melbourne I wondered. The sudden rise in popularity of chic burger bars must be abundant in Melbourne, and I didn’t have to look far when I stumbled across Urban Burger and The Beer and Burger Bar both within a stones throw of each other on Swan Street.

Walking briskly past Urban Burger in search of a beer I wondered into the Beer and Burger Bar. Beer on tap, and a whole selection of international beers to get your thirst happening.
Seated at a bar table the menu is simple…..burgers and sides. Nothing pretentious like wagyu burgers, no lentil burgers and definitely not for vegetarians.
I ordered a beef burger, top of the list, which arrived with smoked bacon, molten cheese, beetroot relish and dripping with American style mustard and ketchup perched ontop a toasted brioche bun. Probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted, rich and meaty, and cooked medium in the middle and sauce dribbling everywhere just adds to the whole experience.

If that’s not good enough, the chips are to die for, and if you’ve over ordered like I did, then make sure you get some onion rings too.

Heavenly !

Dinner for 1, loads of extras and a beer – $30 !! Great value and a fab meal.

The Beer and Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Beer and Burger Bar, Victoria

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