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Su:t and Wine Korean BBQ Restaurant, Melbournce VIC

Another business trip to Melbourne and the highlight is finding new and exciting restaurants. Situated in Box Hill, Melbourne’s Chinatown of the East, Sut and Wine bar is a cosy funky little restaurant specialising in Korean BBQ and hot pot.

Packed to the rafters like any good eatery, this was no exception. Quickly seated to our table, we opted for BBQ rather than the hotpot. Beef ribs, pork belly, seafood..the list is endless. KFC (Korean fried chilli) in a variety of sauces and pancakes with all the usual and not so usual fillings.
Our charcoal cooker arrived at the table glowing an intense red hot. An overhead extract fan helps suck away all the smoke and fumes of the heavily marinated food so you don’t walk out smelling like you’ve been BBQ’d yourself.

As the food arrived, the staff cooked the entire meal, dish by dish at your table allowing you to continue your socialising and uninterrupted conversation. Perfectly cooked, utterly delicious and totally satisfied.
Happy to recommend this restaurant, just be sure to book.

Double thumbs up from meThumbs Up

SUT and Wine on Urbanspoon

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