Bali / Mexcian / Restaurants

Motel Mexicola, Bali

What a treat, we went there twice. Motel Mexicola is loud,its noisy, its boozy and its a hell of a lot of fun. Forget about a quiet family meal, forget about holding hands with your honey, its parteeee time at Motel Mexicola !

Jugs of Margaritas, ice cold beers and music that is booming out adds to a funky and brightly colourful atmosphere that surrounds Motel Mexicola night after night.

Our party was seated smack in the middle of the garden, surrounded by revellers and happy-sunburnt holiday makers making the most like it was their last night. The waiters, danced through the tables got the diners on their feet and plied us with food and drink and more food and even more drink all night long.

A really fun night out, but only if you got your happy face on.

Motel Mexicola, Seminyak, Bali

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