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Cobblers Restaurant, Mandurah

Cobblers restaurant, re-opened after a major refit sees this restaurant go from strength to strength. A so-called tavern, but the building, the ambiance and the food says something quiet different. Dare I say, Cobblers would probably be in the top 5 restaurants in the Mandurah area !

Please note all photographs are from the Cobblers website, and they are in fact a true representational of the food that is served.

Having dined a few times at this restaurant, I am always intrigued by the menu, so many things that really tick a box for me. Over the months we have sampled just about everything, and as usual, it arrives, presented beautifully and as delicious as it looks.

Prices are very reasonable for the dining experience, and I’m more than happy to go back again and again. Cobblers gets a 4/5 from me.

Cobblers Tavern on Urbanspoon

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