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Izakaya Bang Bang, Niseko, Japan

The end of a days skiing and our party headed out to dinner. Celebrating their 30-year anniversary, is Izakaya Bang Bang pretty much half way up the main street in Niseko. Booking are an absolute essential as the restaurant is typically booked up weeks in advance. The owners spoke with us briefly and advised that even Chinese New Years bookings were made many months ago!

Entering the restaurant, one can only imagine the food to be enjoyed, with the smell of charcoal and broiled fish and meats filling the air.
Seated at our table, our waitress takes our drinks order from a surprisingly comprehensive menu and swiftly returns with our order and a small bowl of Edamame beans – a typical and delicious Japanese treat.
The dining menu is extensive, ranging from venison, chicken and typical meats, to a delectable selection of fish and seafood.

We opted to start with some sashimi. A selection of four different cuts of salmon, creamy textured yellowtail and the most delicious Hokkaido oysters arrived in an leisurely manner.

Typical izakaya style food, charcoal barbecued skewers was next on our list. Chicken thighs, buta-pork and crispy chicken skin skewers arrived smartly at our table. For the girls, wafer-thin pork belly wrapped mushrooms, asparagus and garlic shoot skewers, grilled to perfection adorned our table. Decide on “sauce’ or “salt” with your skewers to add the finishing touch, but mind you don’t go overboard or you’ll miss out on the delish flavours of the stunningly fresh ingredients.
Plenty of fish on the menu, but we decided on barbecued squid, plain and simple, no sauce just tasty grilled squid.
To finish us off….and my bank account, we ordered the house specialty. A 500g slab of A5 wagyu beef, seared on the charcoal barbecue, sliced into mouth watering pieces and served with vinaigrette-soy dipping sauce. The beef is a MUST HAVE item when visiting this restaurant.
This was our second visit to Bang Bang and it certainly wont be the last.

Many thanks to the chef who came running after us in the freezing cold when I accidentally left my camera behind. Thanks for cooking our dinner, and a very big thanks for returning my camera !

Izakaya Bang Bang, Niseko, Japan

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