Asian / Fish & Seafood

Salmon Chan Chan

Can’t remember where I first had this meal but it was pretty kinda special.  So at 3am last night, I thought, I’m gonna make Salmon Chan Chan for dinner !  Typically fish, cooked on a bed on vegetables with a sauce dribbled over the top and steamed.  Yechhh I hear you moan.  But wait… really is yummy.

I used a combination of thinly sliced Spanish onions, some carrot juliennes and a few spring onions and we’re off.  In a hot pan add the veggies and turn them over a few times so they are on the way to softening.  I added a little duck fat to help with the caramelisation process ;-0   Place the fish fillet on top – I used Salmon. Then add the Chan Chan sauce all over the top. Place a lid over and let the salmon steam, the onions borwn and the sauce melts deliciously through the whole lot. A healthy optyion but packed full of taste.   For the Chan Chan sauce, I used

  • 2 parts white miso paste
  • 1 part Sake
  • 1 part Mirin
  • 1 part sugar

Enjoy 🙂

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