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Slow cooked Asian beef ribs

Beef ribs, always a favourite, but always tricky to cook. Finding the right cut of beef and knowing how to cook the ribs is the secret in producing perfectly succulent and tender ribs every time.

The beef ribs have to be just that, beef ribs. Sometimes you can buy them with the bone, the layer of meat attached to the bone, a layer of fat and then another layer of leaner meat on top of it all. This is what you do not want! The top layer of lean eat will overcook and go hard, a less than desirable result for your ribs. So either buy the ribs that doesn’t have this outer layer of meat, or else pull it off leaving only the layer of fat and the fatty meat closest to the bone.

Browning seals in the flavour, no Gordy, browning adds colour and caramelisation but actually adds to the amount of liquid lost!! Browning is a matter of personal taste, for me it does is make the meat look more desirable and provides a level of caramelisation that I like and so I do certainly like to brown the meat in a hot pan before I start the cooking process. Try and get some good colour on the meat, and don’t worry how long it takes, the ribs can handle the heat and duration.

We recently purchased a Slow cooker that also has a Sous Vide function. Set at 72degC, place the ribs inside and then pour over your Asian stock, cover and cook for 12 hours.

My Asian stock is about 2 years old and its this that we used for the beef ribs. Before using the stock, make sure you boil it for a few minutes to ensure that any bacteria that inevitably develops, is killed and rendered harmless. Sounds yucky, but what do you think most restaurants do with their master stock ?? The stock is supplemented with garlic, ginger, spring onion and a little sugar. To increase the volume, equal parts of water and Shao Shing wine are added. In the end, you have a deliciously rich and flavoursome stock for which to slow cook your ribs. Feel free to add soy, katchup manis or similar, but stay clear of herbs and non-Asain flavours.

12 hours later the ribs are almost done !

Remove some of the stock and reduce it in small pan over high heat. I added honey and a little more katchup manis to heighten the flavour and provide a sticky caramelised sauce.

Sear the ribs of a red hot bbq grill and liberally splash with the reduced stock. Unfortunately it makes a hell of a mess of your barbie, but all that smoke coats the meat in loving flavours and sure enough to get your neighbours talking.

Serve on a plate of mash and dribble more of that sticky sauce over the top.


Lastly and very importantly, allow your stock to cool and the fat to form on the surface. Scrape all the fat off and then pour the stock through a double muslin cloth filter to remove all the solids. Freeze and treasure this stock for your next cooking adventure.

3 thoughts on “Slow cooked Asian beef ribs

    • Hmm the stock takes ages. First i got some beef bones and roasted them. Them simmered them in water, Muscat wine, garlic and giner for about 6 hours. Towards the end i added some dark soy, some spring onions, sugar and a good pinch of salt.

      Once cooled, i strained the liquid and skimmed the fat.

      I use this for all my poaching meat, and so alot of the meat juices have added to the stock.

      It’s now over two years old and lives in the freezer. Just be sure to boil it before you use it to make sure any bugs that may have developed are killed off by the heat.

      Happy eating 🙂

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