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Ristorante Mediterraneo, Positano, Italy

Positano, my absolute favorite place on the Italian riviera !

About 5 minutes walk up the Via Pasitea from our hotel we found a small restaurant, typically with seating on both sides of the narrow road serving seafood from the Mediterranean. Not one to pass up seafood, we soon found a table and an immaculately dressed waiter arrived on the scene.
Photos of Ristorante Mediterraneo, Positano

Photos of Ristorante Mediterraneo, Positano
This photo is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Being lunchtime we opted to head straight for a main, and bypassed the entrees. Each table was adorned with a large bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables to munch snack on while waiting for your meal.

For myself, i ordered the scialatelli with seafood and my wife ordered a fresh tomato pizza.

Awesome home made scialatelli with seafood served with a large bowl of olive oil and dried chillies – very happy indeed !

So with belly full, and the sweet taste of seafood on our lips, our waiter graciously brought out an ice cold limcello to finish a most memorable meal.

Magnifico…….we’ll defintely be back !

Our combined rating: 4.5 / 5, a double thumbs up 🙂
Thumbs Up - Double

Ristorante Mediterraneo
Viale Pasitea, 236 84017 Positano Province of Salerno,
Tel: +39 089 811651

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