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Ristorante Marina Grande, Amalfi, Italy

Another stop on our Mediterranean cruise was the spectacular coastal town of Amalfi. Bustling streets, restaurants, bars, ice-cream parlours, cocolate shops……these Italians know how to live !

Before long, lunchtime was upon us again. Having surveyed the surrounds, we opted to hit the beach and lunch at the Marina Grande.

The restaurant “Marina Grande” began life as a seaside bar in 1918 and then moved to its current location on Spiaggia Grande in 1935. Towards the end of the fifties, it evolved into a restaurant overlooking the wonderful expanse of water enclosing the historical centre of Amalfi. Waves break on the beach near the covered terrace while you taste the best of our local cuisine.
Photos of Ristorante Marina Grande, Amalfi

“Humility, respect for the ingredients and the culture of nourishment…” is the philosophy of the Marina Grande.

The result is traditional food based on Italian heritage but truly innovative in its presentation. Dishes are created not with overpowering flavors or spice but are savory and light, with rapid cooking methods that retain the integrity of the fresh taste.
Photos of Ristorante Marina Grande, Amalfi
This photo is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lunch consisted of an entree of local clams and mussels cooked in a spicy tomato and wine sauce. An abundance of herbs and garlic always present, marries perfectly with the delicately cooked seafood. Main course was soon upon us. Spaghetti vongole. In Italy, you never get tired of this dish. Simple in its construction, pleasing to the eye and an explosion of taste in the mouth. Vongole, most delicately cooked in white wine, garlic and herbs, tossed with zucchini flowers proudly straddling the pasta. What more could I ask for.

Our combined rating: 4.5 / 5, a double thumbs up 🙂
Thumbs Up - Double

Ristorante Marina Grande

Viale della Regione, 4,
84011 Amalfi,


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