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Marina Italia, Restaurant , Mandurah

We visited this new restaurant only a few weeks after it had opened. Previously I had met with the owner who was extremely polite, energetic and full of enthusiasm. He told me about the huge sucess his new restaurant was having and the popularity of the house specialty….Capretto. For a goat farmer with his own goat farm, the capretto should be good. Theowners aspiration was to be “the best Italian restaurant south of the river” !

I normally put photos on my blog, but in this instance the food was so plain and boring, I elected not to take photos !

When we arrived, the restaurant was bright and bland, no wall furnishings, no decorations and no warmth. Occupancy was at 20% of capacity, and the waitress elected to put us on a table right by the kitchen. I asked to change to a cosier location, which was met with some hesitation.

The waitress was however attentive and sorted us with water, menus and a wine bucket. When it was time to order, she informed us there was “no goat today”. Strike ONE against the goat farm owner.

We were offered a complimentary Pizza Bianca that arrived shortly after, piping hot, full of flavour, but lacking the cherry tomato, rocket salad and shaved Parmesan as the menu states.

I ordered spaghetti carbonara with chicken. The owner politely informed us that carbonara is not really Italian but more of an Australian interpretation, but nonetheless, he was willing to cook it for us. The owner has no clue – Strike TWO against the owner. My “fettucine” carbonara, arrived. I ate probably half and politely left the remainder which was gluggy and screaming of cornflour as a sauce thickening agent.

Other guests had the seared tuna with salad and another ordered the lamb skewers. The tuna was dry and well-overcooked, while the lamb was very pink, bordering on rare. The accompanying salad and garnish on the plates were desperate attempts to fill the plate consiting of shredded lettuce, julienned carrots and a piece of cucumber and a sprinkle of inslata.

To say main courses were disappointing would be an understatement – Strike 3.

I hope it goes well for the owner, but I fear for his future as a restaurateur.

Score for this meal barely 2/5 !

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3 thoughts on “Marina Italia, Restaurant , Mandurah

  1. You have given a very clear detailed picture of the restaurant and the service. Take a strike four “Marina Italia Restaurant” because there was no GOAT the week before.

  2. Well this is awkward considering chicken carbonara IS an Australian version (strike 1 ). On the numerous occasions my friends and I have been there we always order the capretto, Pity you didn’t get to sink your teeth into something so delicious (strike 2). Marina Italia has quickly become one of our favourite restaurants, the owner (Goat farmer man) is clearly a very hard worker and new to this industry, I think you are both being far too judgemental (strike 3).


    Italian Nonna

    P.S You don’t say strike unless you’re playing baseball.

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